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3 B’s

Bodies, Breasts and Babies…

This is what it boils down to when you think of having a baby and all the decisions that need to be made.

This is your body, so what do you want to do with it? How will you birth your baby?

To breast feed or to bottle feed? This is the question countless women are faced with regarding their breasts.

And finally, the person all this is related to: Baby! The ultimate passenger going along with the ride but without a voice.

So who is speaking for our babies if we don’t? Who do we delegate the responsibility for what happens to our bodies and babies?

If our society is so concerned about their bodies and their breasts why, oh why are fewer and fewer people concerned about the babies?
Now, I ask: what is more important to you…your body, your breasts or your baby?

And before you go all out to defend each part –  STOP! – and think about why you are having a baby in the first place. Once you can answer this for yourself truthfully, you will know the order in which to put the three things.

We have lost sight of why we are doing the things we do, perhaps a timeout to reconnect and re-establish ourselves would help mothers around the world to nurture their own mother-self that is being born with their babies.

Instead of living isolated in our nuclear families lets extend ourselves to connect and contact others around us that have similar or other experiences to share. Let’s recreate the Village with it’s wisdom and support, care and connection.

We may surprise ourselves at how much we would enjoy it.


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